Oneiric 64-bit and AMD/ATI proprietary drivers

Jose Ildefonso Camargo Tolosa ildefonso.camargo at
Wed Jan 11 22:12:26 UTC 2012

On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 4:36 PM, tv.debian at
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> 11/01/2012 21:31, Jose Ildefonso Camargo Tolosa wrote:
>> On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 3:51 PM, tv.debian at
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>>>>>>>>> fglrx-updates
>>>>>>>>> fglrx-updates-dev
>>> Hi, taking the thread from here since I missed the beginning. I would
>>> stay
>>> away from those packages, they are broken and will break your system. You
>>> should try to *purge* all fglrx related packages, then reinstall
>>> libgl1-mesa-glx and libgl1-mesa-dri (you will see that
>>> update-alternatives
>>> is correcting dead links errors), and only then install the fglrx
>>> packages,
>>> NOT the "updates" ones. I had trouble with this packages on all my AMD
>>> systems (amd64).
>> These are working just fine for me.  My A8 CPU won't work correctly
>> with the plain fglrx packages.  I can't remember what happen when I
>> installed from ATI site (some odd problems).  Anyway, fglrx-updates
>> packages works fine for me (and have been working correctly for a few
>> months now, and I have gone through at least one upgrade for these
>> packages).
> Interesting to read that they are working for you, I did two install today
> and jockey failed on both computers for fglrx-updates. After purging all
> fglrx* package I noticed from update-alternatives warning broken libgl
> links, and couldn't get radeon to work. After reinstalling libgl1-mesa*
> packages radeon ran fine, and finally I was able to install fglrx (no
> -updates) with jockey or apt-get.
> Same happened about two weeks ago with another computer.
> Are you on amd64 ? Do you use "proposed-updates" ? (I don't)

Yes, amd64.  I remember the broken links at some point, I thought
these were leftovers from when I installed using ATI catalyst
installer (I had a hard time installing this on my A8-based system, I
remember I even used the alternate installer, and even eventually
installed a custom kernel).  I don't remember if I manually removed
the links (I think I did), purged all fglrx packages, and then
installed fglrx-updates again: all good this far.

My currently installed fglrx-updates version is: 8.911-0ubuntu0.1

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