Thanks for such an amazing OS.

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Mon Jan 9 10:03:27 UTC 2012

Hi George,

On Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 13:21, George Labuschagne
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> Hi
> Thanks to all involved in creating and maintaining Kubuntu. It is such a beautiful environment to work in!
> By having the solid base of ubuntu with the sleekness of kde I just can not get enough of it.

Great you like it :)

> I am currently second year B.Sc. Computer Science student. We have a Qt course that we have to do. How would one go about getting involved with Kubuntu / KDE? I feel really bad for using this software for FREE and would like to pay for the privilege by getting involved.

I think this is quite easy: what is your preferred part of KDE? Get
yourself familiar with the code and have a look at some Junior Jobs in Subscribe to the kde-devel at mailing list
and have a look at the techbase
wiki: as well as the KDE Community
There is also a comprehensive book you can download here with all the
necessary information to get into KDE

Do you prefer to work on the distribution aka Kubuntu itself? Then get
in touch with the Kubuntu developers through their mailing list:
kubuntu-devel at (NOT a support list, folks!). Of course
you can find some more information here:

Hope this helps :)

Regards, Myriam
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