gui login problem

Errol Sapir errol at
Fri Jan 6 05:06:22 UTC 2012

Hi Bruce, Mark, Uteck & Michael
I tried your previous suggestions.
  Making a new KDE setup by removing the old one did nothing to change 
the situation. The xorg.0 log was so long I couldn't understand anything 
. The ls commands showed me that I was the owner. So I decided to do the 
drastic thing. I copied my home drive to an external disk, reformatted 
everything and now I can enter my Kubuntu with my gui name and password. 
All that remains now is to get everything back the way I want it.
All this was done before seeing the new suggestions made in the letter 
Thank you for all the help you provided, even though I didn't solve my 
problem in a correct way, I learnt a lot.

On 06/01/2012 02:02, Michael Hirsch wrote:
> Looking at the X log file is a good idea.  It sounds like it is trying 
> to start KDE and something is failing.  Since KDM starts up, your X 
> should be working.
> When I've had this kind of problem I can often solve it by finding 
> where in the login sequence things are failing.  So, I think things 
> start with /etc/kde4/kdm/Xsession and then to /etc/X11/Xsession.  You 
> can modify these programs to print log message to /tmp/mylog, then 
> when logging in fails, look at the log and see what was happening.  
> Start tracing this sequence until you find the problem.
> It will probably be easier to debug the startx command than KDE as 
> that is a lot simpler.  Create a simple .Xsession that opens an xterm 
> and see what happens.
> Michael

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