New kernel (.14) and window issues

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Thu Jan 5 00:54:39 UTC 2012

On Wednesday, January 04, 2012 18:02:40 Mark Haney wrote:
> I'm not really sure where to go with this, as I've never really seen
> anything quite like this, but I ungraded to the generic .14 kernel and
> now on one my boxes it bombs on boot (separate issue) and on the one
> I"m on now it boots and loads up fine except for the fact that the
> top part of all my windows are missing (not the text menu parts, just
> the Title bar with the Icon on the left and the
> Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons on the right.
> I've also noticed that when this is going on and I click on something
> else (say the start menu) the current window doesn't lose focus it
> just appears over top of whatever I've just opened.
> Is anyone else seeing this problem?  For me, it's ridiculously
> frustrating since I've had to fall back on the .13 kernel.  I'm not a
> novice linux person either, I've been using them since the RH4 days.
> Any ideas?

What video card are you using??   I had untold problems with the vanilla 
kubuntu drivers for the NVidia card until I loaded the actual proprietary 
NVidia driver from their site.

I switched video cards three times,  swapped out whole computers, etc....  but 
now that I have loaded the REAL drivers, I have no problems.

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