too much work for irq17

Bruce Bales bbales at
Tue Jan 3 00:37:22 UTC 2012

Hello, all.

I have been using kubuntu 8-04 for four years and it is running out of 
support.  For over a year I have been trying to install a later 
version, most recently, 10-4-3.  When I use the 'Try without 
installing" feature within a few minutes I get a screen full 
of  "serial I8250 too much work for irq17" and it locks up.

When I install, I see that same "too much work for IRQ17" but have 
gotten it installed a few times.  But it won't run reliably, lovking 
up with a black, blank screen within hours of startup.

The computer is a Dell 2400 series 2.4GHz desktop about six years old.

8-04 runs 24/7 for months on end with minimal problems.  I have 
installed (or tried to install) newer versions in all three disks in 
the box.  

Does this symptom indicate a hardware problem?  What is IRQ17?  Is 
there something special about Dell computers that makes them reject 

Any help gladly accepted.

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