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Em 23 de fevereiro de 2012 16:07, Mark Greenwood <fatgerman at gmail.com>escreveu:

> Well that's not strictly true, though I understand where you're coming
> from. But you can't just remove any package you don't want - things have
> dependencies, that's how packaging works. Applications can be removed yes,
> but core system components (which Akonadi is) cannot just be removed
> without breaking everything that requires it. Try removing any of the other
> core desktop components - I'm not a great fan of udev for example but if I
> want my hardware to work I can't remove it.
> If you really want KDE without Akonadi you can still choose to do it,
> although that would probably require building KDE from source. Packagers
> have to make decisions about dependencies and making Akonadi optional is
> just not possible given how much of a core component it now is.
> Mark
Hi Mark,

Now I ask you to analyse my situation: I don't use Kmail, neither,
Kcontact, neither any of the components that need Akonadi. In fact, the
only personal information stored in my computers are my files.

Indeed, the only application that is dependant of Akonadi that I use is...
digital clock. Which I want to use as... a digital clock. Not as an
advanced personal agenda. So, it would be nice if I had an option to have
only the time in screen, without having to start a full database server
along with it.

I'm very happy that KDE is able to offer this kind of  tool, it may be very
useful to many people. But I beg you to understand that I'm not happy on
being obligated to use akonadi. The fact that it is a great piece of code
doesn't change the fact that I don't need it (nor am I saying that the fact
that I don't need it makes it a bad software).
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