Akonadi etc

Neil Winchurst barnaby at drofle.co.uk
Sun Feb 19 17:40:12 UTC 2012

On 19/02/12 15:41, Waleed Hamra wrote:
> On 19/02/12 10:44, Neil Winchurst wrote:
>> I attended a local Linux users meeting yesterday. I wanted to ask about
>> Akonadi but no one there had heard of it. I then found out that I was
>> the only one present using KDE.
>> So my question is, is akonadi a KDE only program? And if so, do other
>> desktops such as Gnome, Xfce, LXDE have similar programs?
>> Incidentally I don't use akonadi at all and keep it switched off
>> permanently. I would like to remove it altogether, but I have heard that
>> could cause problems.
>> Thanks
>> Neil
> hello neil,
> yes, akonadi is a KDE program... now is it a KDE-only program, i do not
> know, but non-KDE programs surely can interact with it if their
> developers wanted to, and i think that's the eventual aim in the head of
> KDE developers.
> to answer why you can't remove akonadi, we'll have to try and understand
> WHAT is akonadi in the first place.
> the idea behind akonadi is to have a central data service installed on
> KDE systems, that holds the data of programs requesting so. so instead
> of having some file lying somewhere in kontact's settings, that holds
> your address book, kontact will use akonadi to hold them. the benefit of
> that is that other programs, can ask akonadi for it and have them, then
> you'll have address book synchronization among all your programs... but
> that's in the ideal world, in the current world, no other program asks
> akonadi, or even acknowledges it exists, mainly because it's still this
> new not-fully-developed *thing*...
> akonadi can hold many different things other than address books, like
> your email, calendars, bookmarks, etc...
> in an effort from the KDE developers to get akonadi more popular, most
> of their programs already use it as their storage, and that's why it's
> needed. if you dont want it on a non-KDE system, you'll have to remove
> anything related to kdepim, and the plasma-widgets-workspace.
> in my experience, akonadi just sits there, doing absolutely nothing, i
> dont have any service configured in it, as i use thunderbird for email,
> and firefox for browser.
Thank you for the information. It is as I suspected. As you say, if I
don't want it on a non-KDE system I will have to remove kdepim etc.
Since I don't use kmail or any or the related programs I don't want
akonadi at all. Previously with Linux anything I don't want I can remove
or not install. Akonadi seems to be different, I must have it installed
whether I want/use it or not. (It doesn't have to be actually running.)
This is a big change in the ethos of Linux and it is worrying.

As you say, it is not yet fully developed. But, and this is the most
important part of all this, even if/when it is finished and working
perfectly, ** I still don't want it and I won't be using it **. So I
should be able to remove it, or not install it, without any problems.

This is why I asked the question in the first place, and why I am
currently looking at other desktops and distros to see what is available
elsewhere. One of the main reasons I have for using Linux is the ability
to set it up and configure it how I like it. Are we going to lose this/
I hope not.


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