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On 19/02/12 10:28, Bill Vance wrote:
> Howdy;
> Running 10.04 here, and experiencing a little confusion in the docs
> about upgrading.
> Which command(s) just upgrade the software, and,
> which one(s) upgrade the entire OS?
> Thanks in advance.
> Bill

if you use apt-get, to update all software on your system, while
sticking to release 10.04, you use:

sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

this above command will try to solve all dependencies, and will end up
with a result of upgrading some packages, and might even remove
packages, if deemed no longer unnecessary, or conflicting with newer
packages. for an apt-get command that only upgrades, and won't remove
conflicting packages (which means wont install some new packages), you
can use:

sudo apt-get upgrade

if you use aptitude, which i usually prefer, the equivalent of the above
commands is:

sudo aptitude full-upgrade

sudo aptitude safe-upgrade

all the above commands update packages from your current release, that
is, you stay on 10.04.

now if you want to upgrade the release, and get a newer one, like 10.10,
11.04 or 11.10, there's another special command-line update for these. i
am not sure how it'll react to having more than one release to upgrade
to (3 stable ones in your case), but from my experience with upgrades to
the next release directly, you use:

sudo do-release-upgrade

it's an interactive program, that will ask you few questions.
note, you need to have the package "update-manager-core" installed, to
have that program.

hope this helps

Waleed K. Hamra
Manager of Hamra Information Systems
Lead Technician at Illusion Computers Megastore

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