What version of KDE do I have?

José Queiroz zekkerj at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 02:15:13 UTC 2012

2012/2/18 Bruce Bales <bbales at cox.net>

> I installed Kubuntu 10.04-3.  How do I learn what version of KDE I have?
>  Seems logical
> that the numbers are stored somewhere in a file.  Would the 10.04-3
> numbers be somewhere
> in a file?
> Is it possible to downgrade to another earlier version of KDE?  If so,
> Where could I find
> instructions for how to do it?
> bruce

It's not recommended to downgrade KDE. If you doesn't like KDE4 look&feel,
you may try some of the KDE themes, Gnome, or even Unity.

I recommend you to do exactly the opposite: instead of downgrading, upgrade
it. Open up Software Properties and enable "Security" and "Update"
Repositories. Doing so, you'll get both security and bug fixes past
10.04-3. If you're brave of heart :D, you can enable also Backports
Repository, and get several new packages not included with Kubuntu Lucid,
but made available to Natty and/or Oneiric, the following versions.

But if you really have the guts :D :D, install Kubuntu PPA:
These will give you the new versions of KDE. I use them on most of my
Kubuntu machines.

Answering one of your questions: which version ships with Kubuntu 10.04
Lucid Lynx? Lucid ships with KDE 4.2. You can check it with "apt-cache
policy kdebase-runtime". You can also open any KDE app (e.g. konsole), and
go Help >> About KDE.
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