apt-get install problem

gene heskett gheskett at wdtv.com
Wed Feb 15 04:10:04 UTC 2012

On Tuesday, February 14, 2012 09:36:29 PM Jan Johansson did opine:

> >I don't use apt enough to be well versed in its cli nuances, doing the
> >maintenance with synaptic 99% of the time, so >what option do I give
> >it to make it use this already downloaded package?
> If I read you correctly dpkg -i /path/to/file.deb should be what you are
> looking for.

Thanks Jan, but then it throws a dependency I can't fix from the repos for 
10.04 LTS.  I need libglew.so.1.6, but only 1.5 seems to be available for 
10.04 lTS.

So, I've now pulled in the tarball, installed the deps according to their 
build instructs, and cbang is being digested by scons, whatever the heck 
that is.  And at the rate its going, I wonder if a 250Gb drive is big 
enough!  I had a distaste for C++ before because of its sizes, and it is 
being reinforced. :(

Humm, on the web page, scons is the last command listed.  Does this, when 
its done, do a 'make install' or something?

Apparently not.

I've run it in place, but apparently it doesn't like the dialect of gcode 
we have, says its throwing an exception because of a null pointer in line 
1.  Its a (style) comment.

From the cli I ran it:
gene at shop:~/src/openscam_0.0.5$ ./openscam

(openscam:11706): Gtk-WARNING **: Could not find signal handler 
03:54:31:INFO(1):Bounds: ((-inf,-inf,-inf), (inf,inf,inf))
03:54:31:INFO(1):Dimensions: (inf,inf,inf)
03:54:59:INFO(1):Opening project /home/gene/linuxcnc/nc_files/genes-
03:54:59:ERROR:Exception: Parse failed: 2: syntax error
03:54:59:ERROR:       At: /home/gene/linuxcnc/nc_files/genes-

Looks like its alpha code.  Stable, but can't do anything.  Sigh.  And the 
propaganda reads so nice.  The tarball contains exactly zero docs too. 
Grroooouuuuuuhphphphp!  <-my tony the tiger roar ;-)

In spite of all that:

Cheers, Gene
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