Major problem with Oneiric 11.10 freezing

Basil Chupin blchupin at
Mon Feb 13 23:54:34 UTC 2012

On 14/02/12 08:34, Tom Bell wrote:
> On 02/13/2012 04:00 PM, Tom Bell wrote:
>> On 02/13/2012 12:04 PM, Alvin wrote:
>>> On Mon, 13 Feb 2012 17:54:06 +0100, Tom Bell <cbell44 at> 
>>> wrote:
>>>> On 02/13/2012 05:38 AM, Alvin wrote:
>>>>> [...] Tom
> /* snip */
> I am considering reformatting to ext3 from ext4 to see if that makes 
> the difference.
> Suggestions?  Opinions?
> Thank you!

ext4 is more solid than ext3. Stay with ext4 - it's not your problem.

I go back t what I said before: what are those processes which have a 
(-)20 NI?

Each one has a PID so you can go and see what exactly that process is 
all about.

In a console/terminal, as root (ie sudo ......) type 'ps aux' which will 
list all your running processes owned by everyone on the system.

Get the PID from the lists you produced which are on picpaste then find 
them on this list of ps aux and see what they are.


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