Research says KDE is Best DE (and my personal opinions)

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I don't know what they mean by "integrated".

> I am a happy KDE user, and I don't plan on moving away of it. I started
> using Kubuntu with 7.04. After the release of Hardy (8.04), Windows was
> wiped out to make space to the new master of this computer.
> Yes, KDE 4.0 and the first few releases after it were a huge nuisance.
> After KDE 4.2 was released, I installed OpenSUSE on a second partition
> to try it out. The main attraction was that I was told in OpenSUSE they
> apply many unofficial bug fixes, that aren't implemented upstream yet,
> something that is only done in the *buntu/Debian world for only the
> extremely drastic of bugs. OpenSUSE was nice, much more stable than
> Kubuntu's KDE 4.2. But, few months later, I was starting to hate the RPM
> system, it can never be a match to aptitude. Yast was kinda cool, but
> for a terminal junkie it was a nuisance. Lots of config files keep
> getting overwritten by other automatic programs, though I can't remember
> now what files these were. it was nearly 6 months, and I came back to
> the Kubuntu world, and wiped out OpenSUSE.
KDE 4.0 was released with suitable warnings which were ignored by many 
who slated it.
Somehow the 4.0 label came to be associated in some minds as an 
indication of stable, just a matter of semantics, perhaps they could 
have released it as 4_Alpha or some such, but the 4 numbering was to 
signify that there was no linkage to KDE3.
It was never meant to be a stable release and the clearly stated 
intention of the developers was to get the code out there so it could be 
tested and so help them in their development efforts.

I use both openSUSE and Kubuntu, RPM or deb - no problem at all. I've 
even built .deb packages on openSUSE and deployed in Kubuntu.
Even as a heavy user of openSUSE, I hardly ever use YaST, I use zypper. 
On Kubuntu I use aptitude.
Using aptitude or zypper is share simplicity.
zypper can take shortened directives such as "se" for "search", "in" for 
"install", etc.
"aptitude update"                 "zypper ref"
"aptitude upgrade"               "zypper dup"
"aptitude remove"               "zypper rm"
"aptitude hold"                    "zypper al"
"aptitude show"                   "zypper info"
"apt-cache search"               "zypper se"      ### Will tell you if 
it's installed.
"add-apt-repository"            "zypper ar"
They are both very flexible and easy tools to use. I flip seamlessly 
between the 2 countless times daily.
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> Technician at Illusion Computers Megastore

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