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Wed Feb 8 12:32:25 UTC 2012

On Wed, 08 Feb 2012 13:09:33 +0100, Ramon Antonio Parada  
<rap at ramonantonio.net> wrote:

>> Hello,
>> somebody asked me what is the difference between using Kubuntu and
>> Debian and I answered that there is a very different goal. Kubuntu is
>> centered in the user experience while Debian main goal isn't that. For
>> that reason Kubuntu has some extras that Debian hasn't. So where can I
>> find a list of Kubuntu related code projects? I think it's very
>> interesting to know better about them, just for use them, do feedback,
>> maybe someday contribute, etc.
> I have tried to find them at launchpad by doing searches at Launchad
> and visited Kubuntu pages but couln'd find any organized list.

I have never seen such a list either, but on top of my head:

- Kubuntu is ubuntu-default with KDE on top. KDE packages are based on the  
pacakges from Debian, but they are more recent. You can get KDE 4.8 from a  
ppa. I don't think 4.8 packages for Debian exist yet.
- Ubuntu is based on Debian. (Sometimes on /testing/, sometimes on  
/unstable/ - correct me if I'm wrong there!). Ubuntu makes some changes.  
For example the init system is different and less reliable than Debian's.
- Ubuntu has Ubuntu-only software like Unity and UbuntuOne. (Unity can  
probably be run on other distro's, but I don't think anyone is interested  
in that.) There was never an Ubuntu One client made for Kubuntu.
- Kubuntu devs try to work closely with uptream, so their work can  
eventually end up in Debian.
- Those extra software in Kubuntu is Muon (package manager) and printer  
configuration for KDE.

In terms of stability, you need to do some testing yourself. It all  
depends on what is important to you.
In my personal experience:
- Ubuntu is less reliable than Debian (stable).
- KDE in Kubuntu is more stable than KDE on Debian because of the newer  
packages. I'm especially looking at KDEPIM, which is only now becoming  
slightly usable. For me, KDEPIM is a centerpiece.

Also, KDE is not the default DE on Debian. It's the default on Kubuntu,  
but not on Ubuntu. That on itself doesn't tell you much. The Ubuntu  
default (Unity) gets more criticism than KDE and even the first KDE4  
versions crashed less than the first Unity version. People tell me that  
Unity has gotten better, but so has KDE. Those choices are all very  
personal. For me, I like the fact that KDM supports XDMCP while Ubuntu's  
login managers do not.

So, difficult choice, isn't it?

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