Canonical pulls the plug on Kubuntu

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> Thomas K Gamble wrote:
>> According to Ubuntu Counter (assuming theire stats are a reasonably accurate
>> representation)
>> Kubuntu only accounts for 2% of the various Ubuntu flavor installs.
>> Rather surprising, imho.
>> /snip/
> I looked at Kubuntu about a year ago.  It was the absolute worst
> rendition of KDE that I have ever seen.
> It's no wonder nobody wants it!
> --doug
I use Kubuntu 11.10 on 2 x86_64 boxes, Unity 11.10 on a BeagleBoard ARM 
platform and Unity on 12.04 on a x86_64 laptop run from a USB stick.

I also run 3 openSUSE 12.2 Milestone 0 boxes with KDE.

Unity is not nice, to put it politely and I don't see where it's heading.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with KDE and I for one prefer it.

I know there were scathing comments when KDE4 was introduced, that was 
in spite of the clear warnings given by the developers that the 
intention was to get it out there to receive bug reports, etc.
There was no distro that forced it on users but as usual the barbs came 
in spades and I'm sure they were expected.

There were useful bug reports and observations fed back which led to 
fixes and improvements, the barbs duly consigned to the waste bin where 
they belonged though some may have been helpful.
The developers knew the state of the code and users were forewarned even 
if they didn't heed the caveats issued.

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