Even Linus Torvalds preferred KDE---

Rod Lovett rodlovett at ozemail.com.au
Wed Feb 8 11:20:53 UTC 2012

Even Linus Torvalds preferred KDE,
Gnome is going down a less than optimal path at present, perhaps more 
for the masses, of which there are millions.

I guess Mark Shuttleworth only votes for the masses, but he may lose a 
lot of users the way things are going. Some folks  are even at last 
trying Kubuntu which has always been treated as a second class citizen 
and preferring it. Oh well he thinks he knows where the money is, but 
downgrading that fine desktop distro Kubuntu, is in my humble opinion an 
error of judgement.

As far as MS being green with envy ha ha, they only ever make you pay 
heaps for at best beta software, hence service pack1 etc after all the 
complaints are in. Unlike open source, MS takes ages to get better and 
squash bugs.

I do hope Kubuntu can keep going despite the sword of Damocles approach 
by King Ubuntu which is not exhibiting much humanity at present to the 
other great desktop. I hope we are not reduced to getting rid of the 
ubuntu-desktop and grafting the KDE-desktop onto it, that is of course 
if it is even left in the repos in a satisfactory state.


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