Canonical pulls the plug on Kubuntu

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Wed Feb 8 06:15:02 UTC 2012

On 07/02/12 20:05, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
>> I am sorry to say that I can't help but see a very nasty move from
>> Canonical here. The timing speaks for itself, after including Kubuntu as
>> a full citizen with a LTS release, Canonical "pulls the plug" few weeks
>> before it's actually out.
> The subject line here is misleading, "pulls the plug" isn't entirely
> right, it won't get the same resources but it can still continue with
> the same resouces canonical gives to other community flavours.
>> What happened for them to suddenly realize
>> they couldn't afford to keep one developer on Kubuntu ?
> It's rational business sense not to spend money on something that
> isn't making money.
>> In any case I am sticking with Kubuntu which is becoming better with
>> every release, and all my friends and family will be shifting from
>> Ubuntu to Kubuntu with the coming LTS release.

Have been using Kubuntu since 7.04 and dumped Windows from my PC 
somewhere around 7.10 I think (can't really remember any longer..). I 
(or we rather) use Kubuntu versions from 8.04 and up on a number of 
desktops and laptops.

While there has been more problems with some versions than with others 
(I still fondly remember 9.10 as "plain working") and I am the only one 
using 11.10 I still think it is a great KDE distro. Have never 
understood the whole "it is the worst/bad KDE" bla bla bla.

Would like to thank Jonathan for his hard work and for regularly 
interacting with the users on this list, not a too common feature among 
packagers/developers in my experience.

NOW - I am convinced that Kubuntu will survive as a "community distro" 
as so many other distros do. And all other "flavors" of Ubuntu do.. 
There is a large (I believe) community around Kubuntu that keeps various 
PPA's going and that assist in finding bugs etc.

So I hope and believe the "doom and gloom" writing is a bit 
overdramatising the situation. We have a LTS release coming up, let's 
see how that comes out and then what happens next.

Best to all of you,

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