Canonical pulls the plug on Kubuntu

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Tue Feb 7 17:56:36 UTC 2012

07/02/2012 17:08, Pastor JW wrote:
> On Tuesday, February 07, 2012 5:55:53 am Billie Walsh wrote:
>> I don't claim to be any sort of 
>> expert on the politics and inner workings of Canonical, but it has 
>> always sort of seemed to me that Canonical has treated Kubuntu as a "red 
>> headed step-child". They put it out there and didn't commit to it as 
>> fully as they should if they were really serious about it.
> For some unknown reason Ubuntu has been feverishly working at trying to make 
> Ubuntu totally unusable.  If I were a conspiracy theorist I'd almost swear 
> some borg company was paying them to sabotage Ubuntu into becoming as unusable 
> as the borg is.  Ubuntu still is usable with KDE installed on it, so of course 
> it must be dropped.  

I am sorry to say that I can't help but see a very nasty move from
Canonical here. The timing speaks for itself, after including Kubuntu as
a full citizen with a LTS release, Canonical "pulls the plug" few weeks
before it's actually out. What happened for them to suddenly realize
they couldn't afford to keep one developer on Kubuntu ? Unity off course
! Kubuntu is gaining momentum (as are the other derivatives, and Mint)
thanks to the Unity disaster, so Canonical tries to kill the competition
by discouraging adoption of the LTS Kubuntu to come soon: who wants an
"unsupported" Long Term release ?
I don't think it's going to hurt Kubuntu that much in term of manpower,
but in term of image and faith in the future of the distro it certainly
will, it sends a very bad message at a carefully chosen bad time...

Mark Shuttleworth seems to no longer be an enlighten dictator, and even
less a benevolent one. He wants to impose Unity at all cost, even though
it must be consuming a crazy amount of manpower since it's Canonical
specific, doesn't even use Gnome3 API's, and as such doesn't benefit
upstream. No other distro wants it, and I am still to meet users who are
happy with it...

Kubuntu should happily drift away from Canonical, I am dreaming of a
future Kubuntu as the official KDE "showroom" distro, it's already
nearly there.

In any case I am sticking with Kubuntu which is becoming better with
every release, and all my friends and family will be shifting from
Ubuntu to Kubuntu with the coming LTS release.

Long live Kubuntu !

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