How to transfer kmail2 messages to Thunderbird?

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Sun Dec 30 18:42:28 UTC 2012

On Sunday, December 30, 2012 05:09:52 PM kubuntu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am fed up with kmail taking so long to do things and hogging the
> system.  I thought I would try Thunderbird, I installed it and set up
> accounts but I can not find my old mail which I need.
> Where is kmail2 mail stored and can it be exported?
> How can Thunderbird import the old messages?
> Is Thunderbird a good choice or would another program be more suitable
> as a kmail replacement?
> Why is everything so complicated, after all I just want to receive pop2
> email and save the history.

I hear your pain and agree with the nastiness of Kmail2.   They took a really 
good program and "Window-ized" in my opinion.   Hung too many goodies off of 
it and totally ruined it.

I am still using Kmail2 but only by putting up with a lot of problems and 
forfeiting the ability to search my email folders because search no longer 

Too bad they screwed up so royally but no one appears to be listening.

Your best bet to migrate to T-bird is to google "import kmail2 to thunderbird"
and check the items found.  I saw several that indicated people had done it 
but it wasn't a straight forward thing to do.

In the meantime, I would go to settings - system settings - Desktop search and 
turn off  the three items under Basic settings....   Might help your slowness.

"Don't drive your horse with a whip -- use the oat bag. -- Russian proverb"

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