How to transfer kmail2 messages to Thunderbird?

Clay Weber clay at
Sun Dec 30 17:29:31 UTC 2012

The default location for email is     /home/username/.local/mail

Thunderbird has an import feature that should be able to import your email as kmail uses the standard maildir format iirc.

What email client you use is ultimately up to you. I personally can't stand tbird for the same reasons you don't like kmail. If you can, using imap instead of pop makes switching clients much easier, and you can choose to have your mail cached locally if you want local copies, or create filters that move or copy messages to a local folder.

kubuntu <kubuntu at> wrote:

>Hi all,
>I am fed up with kmail taking so long to do things and hogging the 
>system.  I thought I would try Thunderbird, I installed it and set up 
>accounts but I can not find my old mail which I need.
>Where is kmail2 mail stored and can it be exported?
>How can Thunderbird import the old messages?
>Is Thunderbird a good choice or would another program be more suitable 
>as a kmail replacement?
>Why is everything so complicated, after all I just want to receive pop2
>email and save the history.
>Please help a frustrated user.
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