Activities vs. virtual desktops

Leslie Anne Chatterton lahc2007 at
Sun Apr 29 21:12:35 UTC 2012

"Can be a resource suckers for older systems" - anyone have any way to
quantify this? How slow a CPU and/or minimum RAM for the activities to
become too sluggish?

On 29 April 2012 11:20, Clay Weber <clay at> wrote:
> On Sunday, April 29, 2012 05:37:09 PM Georgi Kourtev wrote:
>> Hi all.  Can anyone explain me what is the difference between the
>> 'Activities' and 'virtual desktops'?  It seems quite the same for me and
>> difficult to understand what is the value of using one against the other.
>> Thanks. gk
> Activities I find hard to describe, really.
> Basically they are a group of , well, activities based more on widget
> selection, as you can have different widgets, backgrounds on each.
> Then each Activity can have multiple "classic" virtual desktops.
> An activity is basically a virtual desktop on a bit of steroids, if   you
> will. In KDE 4.8, power management is even integrated so that you can tailor
> screen power management based on them.
> I do not use virtual desktops myself, but do use activities. I created one
> with a plain, clean desktop. I have Calligra Words open there, and when I
> switch to my main desktop and turn off the Writer Mode activity, it saves what
> applications I have on it so they open when I turn it back on. I have used
> another one with a bunch of plasma widgets just for showing off :D.
> They are not 100% perfect for me - I'd like an option to hide, customize or
> turn off the bottom panel/taskbar on an individual activity for a distraction
> and notification-free screen, for example. And they can be resource suckers for
> older systems, but that is offset by being able to turn them off and on as
> needed.
> Of course, there is nothing keeping one from using the classic virtual desktop
> system.
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