update to 12-04???

Valter Mura valtermura at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 15:48:42 UTC 2012

Il 28/04/2012 13:39, Clay Weber ha scritto:
> Apt itself has no knowledge of Ubuntu new releases. The updater (whether Muon updater or Apper's ) basically tells apt what to do.
> If it hasn't already been done, please check in the Software Sources that the new release notification is set correctly and that you have updated your system.
> Clay Weber

In Muon / Updates I have enabled all updates except for "not supported" 
in Kubuntu updates; In Release updgrade "Long term support release only" 
is set.

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> Il 28/04/2012 09:52, O. Sinclair ha scritto:
>> On 28/04/12 08:43, Valter Mura wrote:
>>> Il 27/04/2012 16:19, Paul Stear ha scritto:
>>>> Hi, I have updated all 11.10 packages as per instructions, rebooted
>>>> but have
>>>> not had system notification that a new version of kubuntu is available.
>>>> What do I do now?
>>>> paul
>>> Same for me. Muon doesn't warn me about upgrade, nor APT.
>>> My system is updated (11.10), I also delete "ppa" and "ppa-backports"
>>> lines from "other software", but nothing happens.
>>> Does anyone have a trick?
>>> TIA, regards,
>> Without KNOWING the reason I dare a guess on this. Muon bug. I have
>> Apper installed besides Muon (wanted to try it out, in short) and it is
>> notifying me of the dist upgrade. Muon is not.
> Well I could try it (the old kpackagekit...)
> The strange thing is that also APT (cli) doesn't give me vital signs...

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