plasma-desktop crashes KDE 4.74

Jerry Lapham rjlapham at
Wed Apr 25 20:21:01 UTC 2012

I upgraded Kubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 and got a broken up screen when KDE started.  
After some messing around in terminal mode, it let me upgrade to 11.10, which 
was my orginal target.  When I boot 11.10, I get the following:

Application: Plasma Desktop Shell (plasma-desktop), signal: Segmentation fault

I searched for it on and it identified it as  bug 
#285663, which was closed as a dupl of bug #280494, which was fixed.

It's obviously not fixed for me.  What do I do now (besides waiting for Kubuntu 
12.04 and installing it rather than upgrading)?

Jerry Lapham
Monroe, OH  45050
rjlapham at
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