Kontact in Kubuntu 11.10: how to import a local calendar into the Akonadi Googledata calendar?

Clay Weber clay at claydoh.com
Wed Apr 18 18:21:20 UTC 2012

On Wednesday, April 18, 2012 02:56:46 PM Bas Roufs - Nederlandstalige 
boodschap wrote:
> Hello Everybody,
> At present, I am working with KDE 4.8.2. along with Kubuntu 11.10. 
> I do manage now to sync with the google calendar and address book via 
Akonadi Googledata. However, I still do not manage to import a local calendar 
into the one of Google - in spite of several months of research at the 
internet and at a few forums.
> Below, I summarise what I have been doing so far in this context.
> Of course, I make backups of my ical files all the time. 
> In K-Menu > System, I have changed settings in  "personal information": 
especially in the akonadi configuration module. There, I have added the 
birthday and the google calendar resource. Aditionally, I have removed there 
all the other resources, including the one of the "personal calendar" - 
however, without deleting it's ical file. Then, I tried to import that file into 
the Akonadi Googledata calendar via Dolphin, via Konqueror and directly via 
Kontact > Calendar > File > Import > Import calendar. So far, none of those 
methods have been effective! 
> When importing an .ics file directly into Google, only the events get 
through: not the tasks.
> Be so kind to provide me with your suggestions and thoughts. Thanks, 
respectfully yours,
> Bas Roufs.
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The existing akonadi-googledata is fairly busted and unamintained.
A new akonadi resource has recently been released 
It is not yet in Precise, but there is a testing package here:
as well as in other ppa repos

You don't have to remove any existing google resources, and once installed you 
add a new resource called "Google Calendar and Tasks"

One small caveat I have found is that it will error if you try to use the 
parent "<username>@gmail.com" instead of a sub-category when selecting a 
calnedar to use when creating a new entry. Other wise, it is syncing my 
testing events and to-do items  well.

Clay Weber

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