Calligra office suite: first impressions.

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Sat Apr 14 19:38:20 UTC 2012

Hello Waleed and Dale

> very interesting, will probably install and try it out in the next few
> days. you mentioned that export to some MS formats isn't supported, or
> implemented, yet. what about import from these formats? does it exist?
> is it reliable?

So far, import seems to goe flawlessly. It is strange - good import 
possibilities, but only very limited export ones. 
In case you feel unsure, you can also consider using eg. LibreOffice for import 
and export purposes. Both LibreOffice and Calligra have "Open Document Formats" 
(ODF) as native formats. In general, nothing will block you from using both 
LibreOffice and Calligra, until the latter suite will have a more complete 

> as far as i'm concerned here, PDF is all i need to share my writings,
> but the troublesome part is reading the MS files other people send to me.
> hopefully, if usable enough, calligra will have a new tester and bug
> reporter, to help them get better. i mean really, i don't care much
> about lack of features, incosistency, or the sort, as long as the
> product is usable enough,
As I said above, import goes well in both LibreOffice and Calligra. 
I never have problems reading MS documents people send to me.
As long as Calligra is still in the development stage, you can use LibreOffice 
for the functions that do not or not yet work in Calligra.

> i'll help its developers make it better :)
We all need to do so!

> I will definitely install and check this out.
It's really worth trying it.
> However, of the 12 Linux systems IT 4 of those are used in nonprofit groups
> and 2 are small biz. They all create documents that are shared to others in
> their groups that do not use Linux. If there is no word compatibility there
> is no real chance they would be interested in it. Anyone know if this is
> going to be addressed?

Wholeheartedly I agree with you. I already started to bring the issue: see Bug 
298115 at However, this is not enough. That's why I also bring 
up the issue at this forum and at "Kubuntu developers". In the mean time, I 
keep using LibreOffice alongside Kaligra until the latter office suite will have 
complete import and export facilities.

Respectfully yours,
Bas Roufs. 

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