Webdesign in Kubuntu: what best to use instead of "Quanta Plus"?

Nigel Ridley nigel at prayingforisrael.net
Wed Apr 11 18:34:58 UTC 2012

On 04/11/2012 04:27 PM, Bas Roufs - message in English wrote:
> Hello everybody
> When switching from Kubuntu 11.04 to 11.10, I remarked that "Quanta Plus" is
> not any more in the repository.  When checking this forum and elsewhere, I
> found out that there "Quanta Plus" seems to be too obsolete.
> However it may be, at this moment, I am using at least 7 packages for
> webdesign:
> Kompozer - for "WYSIG" web authoring,HTML, CSS and PHP;
> Kate for code writing, copying unformatted texts, etc.;
> Gwenview for quick and efficient standard operations with image files, like
> cutting, resizing, etc.;
> KSnapshot for copying images into single image files;
> Gimp for more complicated projects with image files;
> Firefox and other browsers to test the outcome of any web design effort;
> "FireFTP" for file transfer to upload new pages to the web.
> My question is: is there any other package you would recommand me using for
> web design purposes in Kubuntu 11.10 and 12.04?
> Respectfullly yours,
> Bas Roufs.

Inkscape - great for creating SVG files and for manipulating the free ones on 
http://openclipart.org/ - which can then be exported as png's.


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