Kubuntu future and the name itself

Steve Cookson it at sca-uk.com
Wed Apr 11 10:53:51 UTC 2012

> But do we need a new name? Kubuntu has never been a great name, it was 
> actually a joke name made up by the original Ubuntu developers for the 
> KDE side. I wonder if a new name would give us a new lease of life like 
> Calligra has. Suggestions welcome :)"

I took a strategic decision that W2k would be my last Windows distro, in
fact I upgraded to XP.

And then I took on a new project and had to choose a system, I chose Kubuntu
for two reasons:

- It had a more modern-looking desktop
- It met my technical requirements better than the other distros.

I quite liked that it was part of the "Ubuntu" co-brand.  Think Georgio
Armani, Armani Jeans, Armani Exchange. It gave Kubuntu a larger foot-print
because of the other members of the family.  For that reason I feel the
Kubuntu punches above its weight.

Had I understood about the connection with Debian at the time, this would
have given me the same feeling, but this is not intuitive from the name.

Maybe it could have been "Debuntuk", to connect to Debian, Ubuntu and KDE in
one word.

But it's all a bit clunky.  What we in the Linux community don't have it the
'Windows' cover name to give every distro the associated values of the

Maybe it needs a 'nix in the name.

Debuntuknix anyone?

Have a good day.


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