Kubuntu future and the name itself

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Wed Apr 11 14:13:34 UTC 2012

Hello Everybody

> I think if it were a brand new project it should have a new name. But the
> way I understand it it is still ubuntu+kde.  Joke name or not Kubuntu is
> now an established name in the *nix community.  My vote would be stick with
> the name everyone knows.

Also I really prefer to stick to the name "Kubuntu". A new name would need a 
lot of extra marketing effort. 
>From retrospective point of view, the partly withdrawel of Canonical as 
sponsor of Kubuntu might be a blessing in disguise. Now, there are in fact 
several sponsors:
"Blue Systems";
the Ubuntu and Kubuntu communities;
still Canonical;

This creates a much more healthy, independent situation. 
We could consider bringing together Kubuntu related projects in a kind of 
cooperative enterprise: with a view to spreading our resources a bit more.
Respectfully yours,
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