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Ryan Gauger <rtgkid at> wrote:

>Once again, if you are going to spam this list, please leave and do it
>elsewhere. I am not stupid, and I do not think that any other people on
>this list are. Your messages always look like spam. If they are not,
>please look into an English grammar book. The term "massage" does not
>mean what you think it does. Look it up in the dictionary. What you
>mean is "message". The use of the term "sir" here is also not correct
>grammar when you are speaking to a huge list of people. We do not want
>your spam on this list. If these messages are spam, it is likely that
>sometime in the future you will be banned from the list. Please stop.
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>On Apr 10, 2012, at 9:13 PM, Rajubhai Ramvani <rajuramvani at>
>> dear sir,
>>        some websites are not open like and massage was
>displaying update java othervise uninstall java and reinstall java so i
>uninstalled java .now i start the pc the pc is not starting pc only
>going booting process .how can i solve this problem.anybody can help
>me.i am using kubuntu 11.10.
>> rajuramvani.
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Ryan, there is no need to call the gentleman a spammer. His English may not be perfect, but his problems are explained well enough so that we can ask for more info to clarify and expand. 

I think you are perhaps being too harsh. I do not see how his posts here are spam. 

I would like to request that you try to remain civil on this list.

Thank you.
Clay Weber
List moderator

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