impossible upgrade: kubuntu 11.10

Arnaud bourree arnaud.bourree at
Thu Oct 27 07:39:53 UTC 2011

That looks more connection error that issue with your graphic card.
Myself when I moved from 11.04 to 11.10 from my laptop and 10.10 to
11.04 to 11.10 on my home desktop, I've got similar issue and I retry
many time up that run.
So I suggest you to retry and retry.


2011/10/27 Errol Sapir <errol at>:
> I have tried to upgrade or install a fresh version of Kubuntu 11.10 on two
> different computers. I've tried 3 different ways of moving to 11.10, each
> one failing for reasons unclear to me. I'll list the different computers and
> the problems I have upgrading and hopefully some answers can be found here.
> I have upgraded and installed Kubuntu in the past (tens of times) and never
> had the problems I have now.
> Enough of the rant and now I'll try to explain the problems. Both computers
> have an AMD athlone 3500 64bit processor. The computer at work has a Nvidia
> on board screen card and at home the computer has a PCI screen card.
> At home I downloaded the 64 bit Oneiric and the 32 bit. Both installations
> and ended up with an error which seems to me to be something to do with the
> screen card. I also tried an upgrade from the internet and got a similar
> problem. I am not at home so I cannot give more details but I think I will
> replace my screen card and try again at home.
> At work I get the following message when trying to upgrade. I haven't tried
> to install from scratch at work but did try this upgrade a few times.
> Failed to fetch
> Got a single header line over 360 chars [IP: 80]
> What can be done to correct this?
> Errol
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