Dolphin or Konqueror - revisited

Nigel Ridley nigel at
Thu Oct 20 14:55:52 UTC 2011

Back a couple of years ago, when KDE 4x was released, there were a lot of complaints about Dolphin.

I just did a fresh/clean install of Oneiric (how does one pronounce it?) and couldn't figure out 
how to get a 'tree' view of my directories on the left side panel in Dolphin. So I opened 
Konqueror and started playing around with its options.
I know that both Konqueror and Dolphin use the same backend but the configuration of Konqueror is 
much easier than Dolphin and there are more options in Konqueror than in Dolphin - including a 
'tree' view of my directories on the left side panel! :-)

So I am moving 'back' to Konqueror....


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