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Billie Walsh bilwalsh at
Thu Oct 20 03:29:03 UTC 2011

Finally found the offending program. It was the plasma thing. Got it 
turned off by digging around in the desktop cashew thingy. Got an error 
message that Plasma had crashed. That's how I knew what it was. Didn't 
exactly crash, I killed it off. Hope it doesn't come back when I reboot.

Still a couple other things I'm not impressed with but maybe I can live 
with them till I figure out how to fix them.

On 10/19/2011 08:53 PM, Alex Gabriel wrote:
> If you go into System Settings, then Workspaces you can change it from Netbook to Desktop.  It's usually the first thing I do on a new install.
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> Subject: Kubuntu 11.10 - first impression
> I haven't heard much of what people think of the 11.10 Kubuntu. My
> netbook, Asus EeePC 900, had a glitch, figure you can't leave them off
> the charger for a couple months with SSHD's. Must need to have power to
> the SSHD to keep it's memory or something. Well, anyway, it wouldn't
> boot up to Ubuntu 11.04 so I decided to just install Kubuntu 11.10.
> So far so good EXCEPT, what the H E Double-Hocky-Sticks is this thing
> across the top. "Menu" - "Search and Launch" - "Page one"  AND, what's
> up with all the garbage on the desktop?
> Call me weird, but I don't want all that junk on my desktop. Hate that
> stuff.
> I finally figured out how to get an Ap Launcher on the bar, but how do I
> get rid of that other piece of garbage?


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