Kubuntu 11.10 - first impression

Alex Gabriel alexgabriel at dimensiadesign.com
Thu Oct 20 01:53:51 UTC 2011

If you go into System Settings, then Workspaces you can change it from Netbook to Desktop.  It's usually the first thing I do on a new install.
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I haven't heard much of what people think of the 11.10 Kubuntu. My 
netbook, Asus EeePC 900, had a glitch, figure you can't leave them off 
the charger for a couple months with SSHD's. Must need to have power to 
the SSHD to keep it's memory or something. Well, anyway, it wouldn't 
boot up to Ubuntu 11.04 so I decided to just install Kubuntu 11.10.

So far so good EXCEPT, what the H E Double-Hocky-Sticks is this thing 
across the top. "Menu" - "Search and Launch" - "Page one"  AND, what's 
up with all the garbage on the desktop?

Call me weird, but I don't want all that junk on my desktop. Hate that 

I finally figured out how to get an Ap Launcher on the bar, but how do I 
get rid of that other piece of garbage?


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