Running k10.0 on new dual core system

ray burke rayburke30 at
Wed Oct 19 06:03:45 UTC 2011

Can anyone help?

I have just brought a new dual core pentinum 2.6 mhz with 500gb sata
drive partitioned into 4 drives
c/d/e/f each about 117gb, and usb 3.0 driver mortherboard.

I have installed
1st xp pro sp3 drive c
2nd win7 ultimate drive d

and third I want to install k10.10 with theser two and triple boot,
I have done the dual boot thru eacy bcd?
I want to load the k10.10 on drive e but when install it spilts up the
117 gb to two seperate drives, and runs so slow ?
so I reformatted the drive e again and want to know the right way.

I have k10.10 on a 80gb sata drive that I hooked up to run stand alone
it it works perectly, so can I triple boot with the
2 drives
500gb c/d/e/f  and
80gb K10.10

any help is much apprieated


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