How best to migrate my data to KMail 2 and Kontact in Kubuntu 11.10?

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Sat Oct 15 08:11:14 UTC 2011

Hello everybody

Before upgrading to 11.10, I would appreciate a bit of advise. In the thread 
"Kubuntu 11.10 is out", I read the following:
> Upgraders should be aware of the transition to KMail 2 which does not
> correctly import your mail, instructions on how to do this manually are at

Instructions at -amongst others - that wiki page sound a bit complicated to 
me. I am wondering whether a more simple way to migrate the data to KMail2 
along with Kontact in Kubuntu 11.10. I am considering the following steps:
synchronising the agenda and address book in Kontact with those of GMAIL via 
Akonadi Googledata - with a view to backing them up online;
backing up the agenda offline by exporting it to an .ics file (iCalendar);
backing up the address book offline in a few formats, like vCard3.0 and CSV;
backing up all the offline data to one or two external hard disks;
installation of Kubuntu 11.10 "from scratch" via a fresh installation CD 
instead of an upgrade from the existing Kubuntu 11.04 configuration;
import of the address book and agenda via the offline or online backups into 
import of the mail via the online archive in GMAIL via "disconnected IMAP";
import of all the other data from a backup external HD.
Is this an approach that can work practically and effectively?
Respectfully yours,
Bas Roufs.

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