update to KDE 4.6.5 in 11.10 natty resulted in ugly fonts

Girard Henri girardhenri at free.fr
Sun Oct 9 05:40:31 UTC 2011

you can change the police in kde systemsetting. Better update to 
kde-4.7. If you use gtk-3 it's not yet fixed and it's not speciammy nice 
in theme. Use other font like dejvu.

Le 08/10/2011 22:00, Jason Paul Joines a écrit :
>     I'm using Kubuntu 11.04.  I ran updates yesterday which updated 
> KDE to 4.6.5.  After the updates, my system fonts are ugly.  They are 
> particularly noticeable in Thunderbird where the message lists and 
> folder lists are almost unreadable.
>     Under System Settings -> Common Appearance and Behavior -> 
> Application Appearance -> Fonts, I have the Ubuntu font set for 
> everything other than fixed width which is set to Monospace.  For 
> System Settings -> Common Appearance and Behavior -> GTK+ Appearance, 
> I have "Use my KDE fonts..".  I can't remember for sure but I think 
> the setting are the same as I had before the upgrade.  I've tried 
> changing fonts but it doesn't seem to have any effect.
>     Any ideas?
> Jason
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