KDE taskbar strangeness

Ronnie Tucker ronnie at ronnietucker.co.uk
Sun Nov 20 15:55:45 UTC 2011

I'm not quite sure how to describe my KDE 4.7.2 task bar problem, so I'm 
hoping that a screenshot can explain it:

When I first start Kubuntu everything is dandy, but after a while the 
window button on the task bar starts to get thinner and thinner and 
moves from first place to, well, where ever it seems to want to go.

In the screenshot (above) it shows Google Chrome as the active window, 
but it could be any application. And it could be on any of my four desktops.

I've tried forcing one row in the panel settings, but that makes it even 
worse and the button becomes about two/three pixels in height.

Is it a known bug, or just me being a jinx?


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