after version update screen dim and no sound

theuteck at theuteck at
Fri Nov 18 03:12:30 UTC 2011

Did you check if your sounded is muted?  It seems to do that by default after 
the update, or perhaps your mixer setting got changed.  Check your other 
levels and see if changing them works.

You can use xbacklight to change the brightness,
xbacklight -set 100
will turn the backlight up to 100%, just change the number to a level you 

On Thursday, November 17, 2011 09:47:43 PM Uriah Heep wrote:
> after version update screen dim and no sound. I need to increase brightness
> and contrest of the display on my laptop. the dimness is all the time even
> when the computer is pluged in and the battery is 100% and now I have no
> sound. Any Suggestions?

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