Natty 64 bit upgrade issue

Steve Morris samorris at
Mon May 23 10:09:27 UTC 2011

On 22/05/11 08:14, Clay Weber wrote:
> On Saturday, May 21, 2011 05:52:09 PM Steve Morris wrote:
>> Hi,
>>       I have downloaded and burned the natty 64bit alternate cd. Having
>> used apt-cdrom to add the cd to the repositories and disabled the
>> maverick cd repositories with synaptic, I attempted to use  sudo apt-get
>> dist-upgrade, to upgrade my kubuntu/ubuntu system,  which failed because
>> it said that a package (whose name I don't remember) was going to break
>> networkmanager and refused to go any further.
> Maybe you should have used the alt-cd method as described here:
> It does a few more things than just editig the software sources and running a
> dist-upgrade
>>       I found that packagekit had detected the natty cd and offered a
>> dist upgrade feature which I used. It then proceeded to update and
>> configure the system from the cdrom, plus I think some packages from the
>> net. It also removed 60 packages, after prompting me to do so, on the
>> grounds that after the upgrade they were obsolete. This upgrade with
>> packagekit said it was going to install around 200 (I think) packages
>> and upgrade 1163.
> That sounds about right. That feature you found is the same method from the
> wiki page, only your cd was detected properly (doesn't always happen)
>>       When I rebooted I found that there was no entry for Ubuntu in kdm.
>> I booted into kde and then used synaptic to install both gnome-minimal
>> and gnome-desktop, and also installed all packages beginning with Unity
>> (there were no packages beginning with Unity actually installed, so I'm
>> not sure what the upgrade did, given that I thought with 11.04 the base
>> was Unity, not Gnome). When I rebooted there were entries in kdm for
>> Ubuntu and Ubuntu Classic.
>>       If I selected Ubuntu Classic the system loaded what looked like
>> standard Gnome, but if I selected Ubuntu all I got was a desktop
>> background with no taskbars and the only mouse right click functionality
>> was to create new folders, documents and change the background wallpaper.
>>       As a side issue to this when I booted the load screen said my
>> system was Kubuntu 11.04, so it thinks the system has actually been
>> upgraded.
>>       Does anyone know what packages I need in order to get a fully
>> working Unity desktop?
> Install the package *ubuntu*-desktop, this would pull in all the missing bits.
Thankyou for the response Clay. I already have this package installed. I 
have done some further investigation and found the issue appears to be 
that unity is not startable from kdm. If I switch to gdm as the display 
manager it displays fine.
I also made the mistake of turning on the 'KDE and QT event' plugin in 
compiz which continually displayed failure dialogs at a frequency that 
prevented being able to turn it off. To try an circumvent this issue I 
deleted all directories in my home directory beginning with a dot, and 
the unity ini file, but this brought the issue back again of only 
displaying the backdrop with no menus.
I then tried installing the unity 2d packages, and unity displayed fine 
in this version, but the 3d version still refused to display. I then 
uninstalled all unity packages and the ubuntu_desktop package, and 
reinstalled them, but that still did not rectify the issue. I've also 
found that compiz seems to be very unstable with kde as well, it seems 
to be hogging the cpu and not refreshing the screen properly.


>> regards,
>> Steve
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