It's working fine for others ... Re: no mirophone in Natty 32 bit

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Sun May 22 13:36:52 UTC 2011

On Sunday, May 22, 2011 05:59:50 AM Rod Lovett wrote:
> Hi Scott,
>               there are many others pulseaudio is not working fine for this
> time too with natty, though it may have worked with older snapshot
> releases eg Meerkat and Lucid where they got the pulseaudio automagic
> right for more folks perhaps. I suspect this is not a hardware issue it is
> more likely coding error, maybe they can't fix it, and it is left to the
> user this time.
> I made an error report 3 weeks ago, no result yet.
> I have also emailed the ubuntu devs, who are deciding if a non dev can
> contribute anything at all, rather than recognising there is a problem.
>   Also the seamonkey browser 2.0.14  package is kaput, no doubt code
> problems again, I had to download the source tar.bz2 package and use that
> instead. I also made a seamonkey error report on that about 3 weeks ago
> too.
> Natty has been rushed out with some errors and they are off tweaking the
> next sid unstable snapshot already.
> Perhaps they should  try a rolling release model taming the sid bleeding
> edge as they go, with their clever software engineering it would be really
> great I suspect.

It seems I wasn't clear.  I didn't mean that your hardware was defective, but 
that there is likely a coding error in the software (drivers) related to your 
specific hardware.

You said " I made an error report 3 weeks ago".  What is the bug number of 
this report?  If you reported something other than a bug in Launchpad, please 
report one as I said "ubuntu-bug audio" and let me know that bug number.

Just to be clear: I am an Ubuntu developer and I am trying to solicit the 
input needed to try and understand what your problem is.  If I can't solve it 
myself (which is indeed likely in this case), I will ask someone who's more 
likely to be able to fix it to have a look.

Non-developers certainly can make a substantial contribution, so I don't 
understand "... ubuntu devs, who are deciding if a non dev can contribute 
anything at all ...".

Non-developers can also become developers (which is what I did) and this is 
relevant to your Seamonkey complaint.  Seamonkey is in Universe and not 
shipped by default by any Ubuntu variant, so it does not get a lot of 
developer attention.  If you are interested in helping to get it working 
better for everyone (and if you built it from source successfully, you know 
enough to be ready to start contributing to Ubuntu development) I can assist 
you in getting started with this.

Natty wasn't 'rushed out'.  It was released when scheduled which is the way 
releases work in the Ubuntu project.  I think a rolling release would give you 
more problems with some components not being mature or well integrated.  What 
we lack is enough people to deal with all the problems that come up.  We need 
more help from people who care about making things better.

Scott K

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