Natty 64 bit upgrade issue

Clay Weber claydoh at
Sat May 21 22:14:43 UTC 2011

On Saturday, May 21, 2011 05:52:09 PM Steve Morris wrote:
> Hi,
>      I have downloaded and burned the natty 64bit alternate cd. Having
> used apt-cdrom to add the cd to the repositories and disabled the
> maverick cd repositories with synaptic, I attempted to use  sudo apt-get
> dist-upgrade, to upgrade my kubuntu/ubuntu system,  which failed because
> it said that a package (whose name I don't remember) was going to break
> networkmanager and refused to go any further.

Maybe you should have used the alt-cd method as described here:
It does a few more things than just editig the software sources and running a 

>      I found that packagekit had detected the natty cd and offered a
> dist upgrade feature which I used. It then proceeded to update and
> configure the system from the cdrom, plus I think some packages from the
> net. It also removed 60 packages, after prompting me to do so, on the
> grounds that after the upgrade they were obsolete. This upgrade with
> packagekit said it was going to install around 200 (I think) packages
> and upgrade 1163.

That sounds about right. That feature you found is the same method from the 
wiki page, only your cd was detected properly (doesn't always happen)

>      When I rebooted I found that there was no entry for Ubuntu in kdm.
> I booted into kde and then used synaptic to install both gnome-minimal
> and gnome-desktop, and also installed all packages beginning with Unity
> (there were no packages beginning with Unity actually installed, so I'm
> not sure what the upgrade did, given that I thought with 11.04 the base
> was Unity, not Gnome). When I rebooted there were entries in kdm for
> Ubuntu and Ubuntu Classic.
>      If I selected Ubuntu Classic the system loaded what looked like
> standard Gnome, but if I selected Ubuntu all I got was a desktop
> background with no taskbars and the only mouse right click functionality
> was to create new folders, documents and change the background wallpaper.
>      As a side issue to this when I booted the load screen said my
> system was Kubuntu 11.04, so it thinks the system has actually been
> upgraded.
>      Does anyone know what packages I need in order to get a fully
> working Unity desktop?

Install the package *ubuntu*-desktop, this would pull in all the missing bits.

> regards,
> Steve

Clay Weber 

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