Firefox 4.01 in Kubuntu 11.04: no ¨dead¨ keys, no compose key.

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Tue May 17 19:59:08 UTC 2011

Hello Everybody

Recently some strange problem popped up in Firefox 4.01 inside Kubuntu
11.04: ¨dead keys¨  as well as the ¨ compose key¨ do not function any more
in that specific application. As far as I can see, everything works well in
ALL other applications, where I do get characters like é,à  and â in a
correct way: by typing e.g. ´ and than a. But, as I said, ¨dead¨  keys like
´, ¨, etc. do not function any more correctly inside one single, but often
used application: Firefox. The same applies for characters produced by the
so-called compose key: e.g. compose-s-s which produces ß. This happens still
really everywhere at my 11.04 system, except inside Firefox 4.01.
Does anybody know any way to instruct Firefox to use the same keyboard
lay-out as in all other applications?

Respectfully yours,


*Bas G. Roufs*
Van 't Hoffstraat 1
NL-3514 VT  Utrecht
M./SMS +31 6 446 835 10
T. +31 30 785 2040
E. BasRoufs at
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