Updating from 8.04 LTS -- incrementally or jump or not at all?

Pastor JW pastor_jw at the-inner-circle.org
Sun May 15 15:11:33 UTC 2011

On Sunday, May 15, 2011 5:52:30 am Score Kitterman wrote:
> Pastor JW <pastor_jw at the-inner-circle.org> wrote:
> ...
> >Best choice, however what you would need to do is first load gnome then
> >boot
> >into that, do the upgrade to the next LTS (10.04) which should work
> >flawlessly
> >as they made that Gnome junk work.  They do seem to think of KDE as a
> >red
> >headed stepchild but it really is the ONLY Ubuntu that works!!  Once
> >done with
> >the upgrade, reboot into KDE and just do the normal updates.
> ...
> Virtually none of this is accurate.
> There is virtually no chance that installing Ubuntu (Gnome) and upgrading
> from within it is more likely to be successful. The fiddly bits of
> upgrading are handled by update-manager's back end which is used
> regardless of the active desktop.

Right, the three of my users tried that.  It borked their systems.  Two had. 
backups so reinstalled that the third didn't said it was too much trouble and 
went with windoze.  All the rest of my users upgraded exactly the way I said 
and it worked for us without error.  It also happens to be the way the upgrade 
notes said to do it!  I merely reported the experience of our fifty-three user 
member local group.  Actually, one user upgraded via Xfce which worked but he 
had the normal issues with his Nvidia card.  
> The decision to not make Kubuntu Hardy an LTS was a reasonable one for a
> variety of reasons.  Just to pick one example, I had to do some extremely
> awful hacks to get Guidance Display Manager to work at all with the X 
> stack shipped in Hardy.  8.04 was very bad timing from a KDE perspective
> for an LTS.

Yes it was poor timing hence the red headed stepchild reference.  

> Coordination between Ubuntu and Kubuntu has improved considerably over the
> last several years. Kubuntu is primarily a community driven project.
> Personally, I prefer it as this gives us a lot more control over the
> project. Continued inflammatory language about *-headed step children
> won't make more engineering resources appear and really mis-characterizes
> the situation.

Nothing at all inflammatory about it.  Just the treatment we seem always to 
receive; ...even on KDE and ubuntu lists!!  

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