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Tue May 10 14:10:00 UTC 2011

09/05/2011 22:21, Varun Bedwal wrote:
> Hi!
> I switched to Kubuntu from ubuntu but i m having network problem.
> Initially,  I have broadcom net adapter so I have to connect first with
> wired network then install b43.... then I can connect to wireless, but
> during connecting through wired net I have to make DSL connection then
> copy mac address from wired connection to DSL and then only I could
> connect to internet.
> But in Kubuntu there is no area in DSL connection for mac address and
> therefore I m unable to connect Internet..Please help

Hi, you can open a terminal (program named "konsole" in Kubuntu) and type:


followed by a press on the "enter" key.
there you will find info about your wireless card (probably named
"wlan0"), look for a field starting with "HWaddr", this is your MAC ID.

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