[kdepim-users] Re: Urgently help needed to get back "Kontact".

Bas Roufs basroufs at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 11:10:23 UTC 2011

*Hello Anne and everybody*

*Thanks for your adequate suggestions, Anne, so far.*

Do you have a ~/.kde-old/share/apps/korganizer/std.vcf?  Does the date look
> OK?

*In my  case it's 'std.ics'. The date and the number of bytes both look OK.*

> Try making sure that Kontact is closed down completely,

*"Killing" it via the control-esc system activity monitor works perfectly

> then right-click on
> std.vcf there and Open With korganizer.  That should tell you whether you
> have
> a) a viable file and b) one that has your old entries in.

*Yes, yes, yes! B*y *opening in my case "std.ics" with K-Organiser, I manage
to recover all old calendar data (to-do's, events, journals) as well as to
"merge" them with any other "new" calendar. A big, big relief!* I* have
immediately made calendar back-ups in two formats: .ics and .vcs.*

*Now, the next question is: is it possible to effectively "upload" all the
calendar data to "Google calendar" by means of "synchronisation"? Or to sync
it with any other online calendar backup service - via Akonadi "DAV" group
ware, Funambol or whatever? I need some online possibility with which I can
effectively sync both:

   - *my laptop (Kubuntu 10.10, KDE 4.5.1, KOrganiser) and ...*
   - *smartphone, a Nokia N900 with the Linux distro "Maemo". *

I do manage to sync the address books at the phone and laptop via not very
open sourced "Mail for exchange" at the smartphone, the package
"akonadi-googledata" in combination with KOrganiser at the laptop. and the
GMAIL address book as online intermediary. But calendar synchronisation
seems to be a tougher issue. So far, I have been trying two methods to sync
both machines via Google as intermediary online station:

   - via "akonadi-kde-resource-googledata", cf.
   - via "DAV" groupware, cf. amongst others http://davmail.sourceforge.net/and

But every attempt ends up so far in a (apparent?) failure to upload my
calendar to Google.
Any clue?
Respectfully yours,

> Anne
> --
> New to KDE Software? - get help from http://userbase.kde.org

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