Is Firefox, when installed on a KUbuntu system, different from Ub, or Mozilla FF? ; gre

giovanni_re john_re at
Sun Mar 27 08:16:29 UTC 2011

IIRC, maybe 6 months ago, when I was using FF on KU 10.4, FF had some
KDE ish features.   - Those were missing when I uninstalled that, &
installed the FF direct from Mozilla. (I'd done that to get the FF debug
capability, which the ubuntu version of ff didn't have.)

The only feature i can recall right now, that seemed different on the
Moz version, is that 
Bookmarks > Bookmark All Tabs > Folder list dropdown button  >  
"Left + Right mouse button click on 'maximize' window button" to do only
vertical window maximize,

caused the folder list itself to show the full hight of the window in
KUbuntu, showing maybe 30 lines,

but in the Moz version, although the _window_ would maximize vertically,
the size of the folder list is only 8 lines - ie, merely a small
fraction of the vertically maximized window - the rest of the window is
blank space.

Anyone know if that might be true, & if so, what KDE features appear in
the KU version of FF, which would not show up in the
direct-from-Mozilla, or Ubuntu, versions of FF?

thanks :)

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