Problem when my KUbuntu computer starts

Christer Wickman christer_wickman at
Tue Mar 15 15:10:25 UTC 2011

tisdagen den 15 mars 2011 14.50.30 skrev  christer_wickman at
> Hello Everybody
> I have a small problem when I start my computer. It tells me that something
> called Nepomuk has stop working. Why does it do that? And is there
> something one can do to not get this error messages up every time one
> starts the computer?
> Yours
> Christer Wickman
The version of KUbuntu I have is KUbuntu 10.10. And this happen after he 
updated from KDE 4.6.0 to KDE 4.6.1. And I also have a problem with KMail 
which seams many has. When I start it I get a box saying that something is not 
right with it. But as soon as he say and I click on "Close" he closes KMail. 
Sadly Thunderbird doesn't work well at all. So I can only use KMail on my 
KUbuntu computer. Well I hope this can help you all to help me. Thank you

Christer Wickman

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