Install Win98 on /dev/sda4

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Sun Mar 6 05:28:47 UTC 2011

On 03/05/2011 08:14 PM, Jerry Lapham wrote:
> On Saturday, March 05, 2011 06:12:59 pm Waleed Hamra wrote:
>>> After recopying the boot sector I once again have a working Linux box --
>>> but  still no Windows.
>> i'm sorry to hear. why not just use virualbox? Win98 isnt that heavy
>> afterall.
> Right now I'm thinking about pulling a drive out of an old 1999 box that has
> WinXP on it and trying to install it as a second drive.  Since WinXP is
> already installed on it I'm thinking I could just have grub point to sdb1 to
> boot it.  I'm not sure how it would like the changed environment.
> 	-Jerry
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I did something very similar to that myself.  In my case, I had an older 
and after having to thoroughly wipe it--no partitions, no format, no 
I installed XP.  This was with that as an _only_ drive, set as master.  
(I had
disconnected my Linux drive altogether.)  XP worked perfectly, as I
would have expected.

Then I set the drive to slave, and put back my Linux drive, sda1. The XP 
would be sdb1.  I booted into my Linux system, PCLINUXOS, and then edited
/boot/grub/menu.lst (using sudo and the editor) to add the following 
after the
Pclos boot stuff:

title Windows XP Professional
root (hd1,0)
map (0x81) (0x80)
map (0x80) (0x81)
chainloader +1

save the file and reboot, and now the grub introductory screen comes up 
the option to boot PCLINUXOS or Windows XP Professional, and if you select
XP, that's what you get.  (I just copied this off the file, so I know 
it's right.)
Note: There is no space between the items in parentheses, lines 3 and 4.

Since you're running Kubuntu, and presumably using KDE, just as Pclos is,
I would expect this to work for you just as it does for me.

PS:  I had some help getting that going from a kind soul on the Pclos Forum.
Whoever you were--I forget now--if you're reading this, thank you once 

BTW:  If you want to add another Linux distro after XP, you can use GParted
to make other partitions after XP, and then add whatever you like.  The
Grub gadget in Pclos, and probably in any other distro, will find the new
Linux and add it after the XP entry--you don't have to do that by hand.
(I decided to look at Zorin_4.) But just to be on the safe side, I would 
the file first as a backup.

Hope that helps--doug

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