Print to .pdf from Wine

Jerry Lapham rjlapham at
Sat Mar 5 22:05:05 UTC 2011

When I receive .doc and .docx files I've been opening them in Open Office and 
converting them to .pdf files.  That works fine except when the line spacing 
differences between MS Word and Open Office Writer cause a one page document to 
slop over to a second page.

To overcome this problem I've downloaded and installed Microsoft's WordView to 
display .doc and .docx files using Wine.  To convert them to .pdf files, I 
downloaded and installed cups-pdf so I can "print" .pdf files.

"PDF" now appears as a printer in WordView running under Wine, but when I 
"print" to it, nothing shows up in Print Status.  "PDF" also shows up in my 
other Windows apps and doesn't work either.

To make sure the problem's not cups-pdf, I printed to "PDF" from kate.  The 
job showed up in Print Status and created a .pdf file in /home/jerry/PDF.

Anyone else got it working?  Any ideas why it's not working here?

Jerry Lapham
Monroe, OH  45050
rjlapham at
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