install Kontact 4.6 in Natty

O. Sinclair o.sinclair at
Thu Jun 23 09:35:53 UTC 2011

On 23/06/2011 11:03, Thomas Olsen wrote:
> On Thursday 23 June 2011 10:10:51 O. Sinclair wrote:
>> On 22/06/2011 16:39, Thomas Olsen wrote:
>>> I have LOTS of duplicate tags/categories in KAddressbook in KDEPIM 1. I
>>> have my contacts and calendar on and I don't know if it's
>>> them or Akonadi that duplicates them, though my bet is on the latter ;-)
>>> My plan is to delete any trace of Akonadi resources before installing
>>> KDEPIM 2 and hope that it has better Akonadi support.
>> Doubt it is Memotoo - I had hundreds... and I only have "good old
>> Kaddressbook". I noted it in 4.6.3 or something and that there was no
>> way (that I could find) to delete the x number of "Business", "Family"
>> etc tags. Only with Kontact 4.6 and from KMail2 are they finally gone.
> Seems like a good enough reason to upgrade. Have you experienced anything else
> one should be aware of?
apart from earlier observations:
1. I was wrong on KMail ignoring "erraneous" pop accounts - it now 
correctly refuses to finish attempting to retrieve the account (keeps 
asking for password)
2. mail collection on pop3 does not chew up to 25% cpu any longer..nice!
3. Trash is not emptied on exit despite my having set it to be (since 
4. on replies the signature does not get removed despite my setting it to

finally I do get odd "hangs" on something Kontact reports as "conflicts" 
on certain mails - have not yet managed to figure it out, it happens a 
few times a day. Nothing I consider "oh no" as I can kill the app, 
restart and the mail is there. Just have to "catch it", get the error 
message and try find out what is the cause.

Also wonder if there is any place where one might find some info on how 
the new kdepim is SUPPOSED to look and function? I have put out a query 
on various forums on what is the meaning and purpose of the folder 
structure in KMail2.

Being in my case:
KMail folders w subfolders containg all my old and new mail
Local folders w subfolder Outbox containing nothing
Akonadi_maildir_resource3 w subfolder Outbox containing nothing

Is this even correct after a migration, what is the point of the new 
"main folders" and their subfolders?

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