I have kubuntu Natty installed and with to change from libreoffice to openoffice

Pierre Graber pierre at pcpg.net
Sun Jun 5 18:46:40 UTC 2011

Le 05. 06. 11 20:29, tv.debian at googlemail.com a écrit :
> I don't have LO on Kubuntu at hands, but on my Debian box (LO 3.3.2) I
> can save a doc which name contains space, punctuation signs, to a
> directory which name contains space, and French accented "é" on top of
> it... Tried with writer and calc, and to had some fun I filled a
> spreadsheet with punctuation signs and such niceties, still no crash...
> Maybe you could craft a "crashing" document and share it with us,
> together with the path you are saving it to, I would love to be able to
> reproduce such bug. In the meantime I'll try on Kubuntu tomorrow.


I use LO (TDF version) on Kubuntu and I don't have any problem with file
I've tried with all french accented characters and even with punctuation


*Pierre Graber*
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