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Nils Kassube kassube at
Sat Jun 4 19:30:25 UTC 2011

Ole-Erik Yrvin wrote:
> Is it a keyboard kombination that opens the screensaver, when it
> fully locks I and I have to restart the whole PC when I come back?

If the screen saver has locked the screen, you could press a key or move 
the mouse to get a password prompt. However, if your system doesn't 
respond any more, there might be a bug related to your hardware. IIRC, I 
have seen a similar problem on one of the Ubuntu lists some time ago and 
it was related to hibernation of a laptop. You can search for known 
bugs at <>. Furthermore, if you can't find a 
solution there, it would be useful if you tell us a bit more about your 
hardware. Is your machine a desktop or laptop? What graphics card do you 
use? Do you have desktop effects enabled? How long have you been away 
from the machine when it doesn't respond?

> Re: Tex Questions

Just for your info, if you have a new question, it would be better not 
to reply to a mail from the list but to start a new thread - just click 
on the mail address of the list.


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