Kubuntu 4.6 and 5.1 sound?

Steve Morris samorris at netspace.net.au
Mon Jan 31 20:36:25 UTC 2011

On 31/01/11 15:30, Andrew Otte wrote:
> Just upgraded to kubuntu 4.6 onto kubuntu 10.10.  Now my sound only
> comes out of 2 of my 6 speakers.  Was working up until the upgrade. 
> Can't find anywhere to set the number of channels on the output.  Can
> anyone help?
If you install and run pavucontrol, there is an output device tab that
contains a drop down where you can select the functionality of your
sound device. On these options you can select surround sound 5.1/7.1
etc. One thing you need to be careful of is that with 5.1 surround sound
there are two configurations, which are side speakers or rear speakers
and alsa only supports the rear speaker configuration.
I have also noticed with another linux distribution (and issues reported
on the internet) that Alsa also gets some of the speaker mappings wrong,
so you might find your speakers behaving strangely.


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